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Author: Greg Winiarski

XInclude and XPointer – Advanced XML Part 2

This is the second part Advanced XML and PHP series. If you haven’t read first part you can find it here: Introduction to XPath in PHP. You may be not interested right now but unfortunately topic of todays article (XPointer and XInclude) are extensions of XPath, so it would be very helpful if you would go thru it right now, i assure you that XPath is very interesting technology and knowing it may benefit somewhere in the future. Continue reading XInclude and XPointer – Advanced XML Part 2

PHP XPath Tutorial – Advanced XML Part 1

Few years back when i first read book about XML i could not understand what the hyip was all about, some markup language that allows to store data in well organized way. I also remember parsing XML files in PHP few years back. Whole file was raed using fread() and then programmer had to create some kind of parser to process XML file … completely ridicolous. Sure ActionScript, probably Java and some other languages as well already had classes for parsing XML files, but that was not the case for PHP, so i thought that this is a technology that do not deserve a second look. Continue reading PHP XPath Tutorial – Advanced XML Part 1

PHP Coding Standards

There is a lot of articles on the Internet about: becoming better programmer, writting better and more readable code, where someone just makes a list of techniques or tips (as they call it) that will make you a better programmer. In fact these articles are usually far from providing you with valuable information and most of the time can be summarized with two words – coding statndards. Continue reading PHP Coding Standards

PHP AutoLoad Best Practices

Few days ago my friend Mark, added on my blog interesting comment regarding autoloading objects in PHP. While i think it is great to have quality comments like each of Mark’s comment, autoloading is a topic that requires a separate post.

What is autoloading? Every time you want to use a new class in your PHP project, first you need to include this class (using include or require language construct, that’s right this are not functions). However if you have __autoload function defined, inclusion will handle itself. Continue reading PHP AutoLoad Best Practices

10 most popular videos on YouTube

This is info i found while browsing website for which i wrote articles few years back, actually, i wrote no more then 10 articles there, but i am still listed as one of the authors :). Anyway, despite i found this list the actual source is ReadWriteWeb, but i cannot find this article therefore if you wish to see the source you will have to do your own search there.

It may seem that the only reason to read this list is to find out what was cool this year and you didn’t have the time to watch or worse you did not even heared about it, but i posting it here because this list gives us basic overwiew and indication where are video sharing sites “going”. Continue reading 10 most popular videos on YouTube

BlackBird – JavaScript logging tool

If you ever created a script with JS, you probably know how painful logging messages with alert() function is. Not only you can see one message at the time but also you need to click OK button to go further. I think this is the reason why Scott Olson created BlackBird project. As you can see on the screenshoot, this project is not only useful but also looks great.

In this post i want to briefly review this utility and then show you how to use it, so if you are not interested in the review you can just skip ext part. Continue reading BlackBird – JavaScript logging tool

Zend Studio Eclipse Project

I was never a big fan of commercial software. It all changed when i started my first job and saw ZendStudio 5.5. I was amazed by it. I had no idea that IDE can make so much difference in PHP programming and i was not even using 50% of features that this software offers to the programmer. When i heard that Zend Studio 6 will be based on PDT a plugin for Eclipse IDE i was interested in the outcome. The results are well … read further to find out. Continue reading Zend Studio Eclipse Project

PHP redirect header location

Ok finally i managed to write a new article after about a month ( actually i do not even want to think when i wrote last good article for you). Anyway today short article on using headers to redirect vistors to other pages on your site or external site.

To do this you need only one function
header($header, $replace, $http_response_code);

First argument $header is a header itself. We want to use header to redirect visitors so in our case we will use something like “Location: URL” where URL is obviously an url of a page to which you want to redirect visitor. It can be full url ( or relative URL (pages/page.html) Continue reading PHP redirect header location