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Author: Greg Winiarski

WordPress Debug Bar Plugin | BlackBox

Here is something that WordPress developers might find very useful. Recently when working with symfony i figured out it would awesome to have debug bar in WordPress, similar like symfony has since version 1.0. After Googling WordPress debug plugin it turned out there was no such solution so i decided to developed one myself.

Here is why you will find it helpful:

  • instantly inspect global variables (GET, POST, COOKIE, SERVER)
  • debug both frontend and admin area
  • executed MySQL queries and time it took to execute each query (useful for finding slow queries)
  • profiler for measuring performance of your plugins and themes
  • errors occurred when loading WordPress page

If you will decide to use the plugin please remember it’s not a perfect solution, it uses some workarounds, but it’s gets the job done, is lightweight and unobstrusive which i think is most important. Here is how it looks:

WordPress Debug Plugin

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Twitter, PHP oAuth: update status

Recently Twitter announced they are going disable basic authentication mechanism. Basic auth can be used until June 30th 2010, so there is only less then one month left (assuming you are reading this on June 2010). I admit that for a long time i neglected the OAuth Twitter authorization, it seemed complicated and time consuming in comparison basic auth.

However, when i found out they are shutting down the basic api, i had no other choice then to learn how it works. What it turned out is that with the right tools it’s pretty easy to do. Especially if you are (like me) looking to setup application that will be using only single user. For example to automatically update your status. Continue reading Twitter, PHP oAuth: update status