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Month: December 2008

Ubuntu vs Windows

While i focus on web development in my articles this post is not related to web development in anyway, however i feel the need to post it here, after reading a bunch of articles comparing Windows and Ubuntu. For me it seemed that, authors writing this articles never used Ubuntu, they just installed it because manager told them to compare this two operating systems. Of course Ubuntu always loses big time, while i believe that Ubuntu (which btw means “humanity for everyone”) is a system simpler to use once you get past all the Windows nonsense that we are all used to. Continue reading Ubuntu vs Windows

Big MySQL dump import

Recently i faced problem “How to upload over 100 MB mysql dump into database”. Obviously it cannot be done using phpMyAdmin, because file is to big, i could open the file and execute query after query, but it would take a lot of time, besides opening such a file is a problem by itself. So i started to search for a solution and i found wonderful solution. Continue reading Big MySQL dump import

XInclude and XPointer – Advanced XML Part 2

This is the second part Advanced XML and PHP series. If you haven’t read first part you can find it here: Introduction to XPath in PHP. You may be not interested right now but unfortunately topic of todays article (XPointer and XInclude) are extensions of XPath, so it would be very helpful if you would go thru it right now, i assure you that XPath is very interesting technology and knowing it may benefit somewhere in the future. Continue reading XInclude and XPointer – Advanced XML Part 2

PHP XPath Tutorial – Advanced XML Part 1

Few years back when i first read book about XML i could not understand what the hyip was all about, some markup language that allows to store data in well organized way. I also remember parsing XML files in PHP few years back. Whole file was raed using fread() and then programmer had to create some kind of parser to process XML file … completely ridicolous. Sure ActionScript, probably Java and some other languages as well already had classes for parsing XML files, but that was not the case for PHP, so i thought that this is a technology that do not deserve a second look. Continue reading PHP XPath Tutorial – Advanced XML Part 1