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Month: February 2009

Why there won’t be revolution in PHP6

I am a big fan of Joel Spolsky articles, not long ago i read one of his “Strategy Letters” and realised why there will be no revolution in PHP ever. This topic is quite interesting because a lot of PHP programmers and developers would like PHP development team to completely rebuild it – meaning that there should be no backwards compatibility whatsoever. Continue reading Why there won’t be revolution in PHP6

Find best deals fast with

In the last post i said that there are not so much new articles because i lost my database (or rather my hosting company lost it) and i had to use 2 months old backup. Well it’s true but only part of it. The other part of the story is that i did not published new articles because i was busy working on my new project – best shopping deals search engine. Continue reading Find best deals fast with

Importance of backup

As some of my regular readers may already notice, some of my newest posts are gone. It’s not that i deleted them or got hacked, it’s just that my hosting company made me a surprise and deleted some of my databases nice right? So the important lesson here is, always have a backup – it doesn’t matter how secure your hosting or application is – shit happens, and you better be prepared for it. Continue reading Importance of backup