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Month: July 2008

Clone keyword in PHP

A lot of people do not read PHP manual. That is a fact, they will look for answers to their questions on forums, books, blogs (like this one for example) and so on, while most of the answers they are looking for, are already there … in PHP manual. Or maybe it is me who is weired, because i like to browse to see “what’s new”, well can’t really tell. Continue reading Clone keyword in PHP

Semantic Search Engines

I read interesting article recently (btw i do not read my news, but if i did then i would probably found out that i begin each of them with the similar sentence), the article was about the future of search engines, mainly semantic search engines. I do not want to get into details here because as you know, English is not my native language and i am not sure if i could explain the whole concept clearly enough, so if you need more information on semantic search check out … correct, WikiPedia 🙂 Continue reading Semantic Search Engines

PHP, JSON and JavaScript usage

Today i want to introduce you to jSON (JavaScript Object Notation), in short, it is a simple format designed to exchange data between different programming languages. I will show you how to create JavaScript object, convert it to JSON string, and send to PHP script, which will decode jSON string to readable format (for PHP). But that’s not all, PHP script will create it’s own data object encode it to jSON string and send it back. All communication between JavaScript and PHP will be done thru AJAX. Continue reading PHP, JSON and JavaScript usage

Fennec – FireFox mobile web browser

Not so long ago Mozilla released FireFox 3, it was quite a big event, you probably remember the whole Download Day thing right? It looks like Mozilla wants to keep momentum (which is great) and soon enough they are going to release FireFox Mobile version, not to mention that at the same time they are working on FireFox 3.1. Fennec (that is mobile FireFox code name) is not a first web browser designed for mobile devices created by Mozilla. Probably not many readers remember project named Minimo mostly because of it spectacular failure, so will be Fennec any different? Continue reading Fennec – FireFox mobile web browser

Who is the most spammed person in the world?

Few days i wrote an article about protecting email address with .htaccess, today i stumbled upon interesting news. Collin Wells an UK mechanic revealed that he receives over 44 000 SPAM mail a day that is close to 16 millions a year. Before he started to use ClearMyMail service he spent over 2 hours a day removing unwanted messages, well i guess next time i will receive SPAM i will thank God it is only one message :).

Continue reading Who is the most spammed person in the world?

Protecting email address with .htaccess

I hate spam, i received since i created my first email account and i am always interested in web development tricks and techniques for protecting email accounts. Recently i read book about email security and found there very interesting technique which allows users to send email to you while proveiding email harvester with completely false email address, i created variation of this trick which i will share here as well. Continue reading Protecting email address with .htaccess