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jQuery Preload images – tutorial and example

Not so long ago i created jQuery Image Resize Plugin, today i want to show you another plugin: jQuery Image Preloader. Basically it is a script that loads images in the background and track number of loaded images. It’s very simple, only 25 lines of code, but maybe useful if you are creating jQuery image gallery or some other script that requires image preloading. Continue reading jQuery Preload images – tutorial and example

jQuery Image Resize Plugin

Few days ago i wrote jQuery Plugin Tutorial, today i want to give away my first open source jQuery plugin: image resizer. I made sure that it’s compatible with all major browsers: IE6+, FF3, Opera10, Chrome (didn’t check with Safari, hope someone can do it for me).

The whole idea was to make it as simple as possible to resize image to given size. The common problem developers face is to resize image to (for example) no more then 150px width or no more then 75px height and because getting real image size is not as simple as it seems i think you will find this plugin useful. Continue reading jQuery Image Resize Plugin

jQuery Plugin Tutorial

jQuery is getting really popular lately. Employers looking for JavaScript developers often requires them to know this library inside out, so today i want to show you my practical guide to jQuery plugins development. With the emphasis on best practices in plugin development. Creating plugin is plain simple, but developing a high quality plugin is a different story. Further more it shocks me that there are tons of tutorials online that do not even make distinction between jQuery extension and jQuery Plugin. Continue reading jQuery Plugin Tutorial