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How to ruin your website

Very funny and interesting thread as well on digital point forums. “How to ruin a web site”, users has tons of ideas, most of them are … well let’s call it silly, however it is a enterteining thread and shouldn’t be treated as source of knowledge, however i would like to share with you some common ways to ruin your website, tha are not so obvious, but still people destroy thier websites and have no idea that they did.
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PHP namespaces

Recently while reading some other web development blog, i have found info about PHP namespaces, for those who do not know what is a namespace here is a short explanation: Basically every language is a namespace, and it doesn’t matter whatever it is a programming language, formal language of forign language. When it comes to programming languages, some of them has got a set of namespaces and importing or including one of them allows to use a set of new classes and objects.

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Is your HTML code Tidy?

When creating huge Internet applications it sometimes hard to keep your HTML code in good shape, especially if users are allowed to submit their articles or posts, there is always possibility of none closed tag or any similar small problem, with big consequences.

Basically there are two solutions for this problem, write complex scripts to check syntax of submitted text, or configure Tidy extension, write few lines of code and never think about it again. In my opinion second solution sounds more tempting, and in this article I want to show you how it is done.

But, before we start. What is Tidy extension? According to PHP manual: Tidy is a binding for the Tidy HTML clean and repair utility which allows you to clean and otherwise manipulate HTML documents.

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Tutorial – Create PageRank 5 blog ultra fast.

I know that you are probably busy with your life and do not have time to read many books so I wanted to make this report short and straight to the point, by looking on the length of it, I think that I accomplished my goal.

Before we get to the nuts and bolts of creating high PageRank blog, I want you keep in mind that this is not instruction about how to make money, in fact I doubt you will make any money, following only my instructions.

This short report is about creating from a scratch, blog with high PageRank, by simply posting to it on daily basis. But you don’t know what to write about, or do not want to write at all?
That’s great! This report is perfect for you.

Here is a short list of things you do NOT need to know or do, to be successful with this report:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link development
  • Buying links
  • Exchanging links
  • Submit links to directories
  • Write articles

If I am guessing right and you already own successful website, then this are the only things you were constantly doing to get a better position in search engines.

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How to create WordPress Plugin from a scratch

WordPress blogs are getting more popular then ever, there are literally hundreds of new weblogs popping up everyday. However WordPress is not a new software, so I think it is about time to learn how to create decent plugins for it, and once you learn how to write plugins you will discover that this is not only fun but can be very profitable as well.

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Your very first AJAX web application

Let me explain why i selected such title. When writing AJAX scripts there is a part of code that always have to be included, it is pretty much like DOCTYPE in html, you do not have to understand it, just copy and paste, more over our code will be a function which takes no parameters and only returns one as XMLHttpRequest. If you do not know what this object is suggest you reading my introduction to AJAX web development. Continue reading Your very first AJAX web application

Optimizing PHP scripts

This post is mainly for new programmers and web developers, but advanced programmers also can make use of it. While browsing forums i often see programmers asking questions about their scripts why doesn’t they work mainly, don’t get me wrong i have nothing against asking questions, but i noticed something else what concerned me, most of newbies do not optimize their scripts, as long as they do not have much visits on their websites it is ok, they can get away with it.

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