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Integrating Your WordPress Blog With Social Profiles Makes It Easy To Share Updates Across All Networks. Learn How To Do That In This Post.

WordPress is quite popular but with its popularity, we get to face another problem, spam! What Are Spam? Spam is a collection of unsolicited bulk messages. For blogs, spam comments are unsolicited comments that are not required and not useful whose only purpose is to promote the spammer’s website or product. Spammers usually use bots […]

Using an offline blog editor gives you many advantages. First, you do not need to be online 24 x 7. Also, you always have offline copies of your posts. You can write when you want, where you want without worrying about internet connectivity. Here are some of the best offline blog editors: Cross Platform ScribeFire: […]

S0, you are a WordPress Developer? Then you must have dealt with “troubleshooting”. Be it themes or plugins, problems occur. Sometimes, updates themselves may break things. As a developer, you will have to troubleshoot things sooner or later. And the 5 plugins that I will mention in this post make troubleshooting quite easy. My FTP: […]

Some time ago nice people from Packt Publishing sent me review copy of Expert PHP 5 Tools book written by Dirk Merkel. The book has 437 pages, so it took me a while to read it and create a review. My first impression is that book was created mainly for advanced users, there is no […]

Recently Swati from Packt Publishing sent me free copy of Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.1 book. I was very interested in reading it once because i never took the time to find more about advanced features of the software that i am using almost on day to day basis and second because i was interested to find […]

Actual book title that is reviewed here is Advanced Ajax: Architecture and Best Practices by Shawn M. Lauriat. However better title for this book would be advanced JavaScript, because – well let’s face it AJAX is just one class, so there wouldn’t be much to write about wouldn’t it?

I was never a big fan of commercial software. It all changed when i started my first job and saw ZendStudio 5.5. I was amazed by it. I had no idea that IDE can make so much difference in PHP programming and i was not even using 50% of features that this software offers to […]

For a long time i wanted to write detailed tutorial on how to use PHP and cURL to create bots and i am still going to do that, but while browsing Amazon i found very interesting book related to this topic A Guide to Developing Internet Agents with PHP/CURL written by Mike Schrenk. I did […]