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It’s almost a year now since i released WPJobBoard (WordPress Job Board plugin), i got a positive feedback from the community, at the same time i learned few things to make WPJobBoard better. Now i am planning to release WPJobBoard 3.0, and within few months i am planning to launch completely new product WordPress Forum […]

Few days ago i wrote jQuery Plugin Tutorial, today i want to give away my first open source jQuery plugin: image resizer. I made sure that it’s compatible with all major browsers: IE6+, FF3, Opera10, Chrome (didn’t check with Safari, hope someone can do it for me). The whole idea was to make it as […]

About a month ago i put my WordPress job board plugin on sale. Today i am launching official WordPress Job Board Plugin website. Also i gave the plugin a name (a official one ) it is now known as WPJobBoard. Current stable version is 2.2.0, but i am already working on version 2.3.0 which will […]

I haven’t posted on my blog for about 2 months now but it is all because i was busy working on few projects, actually since beginning of the year i completed 4 projects already, that’s about one a month so i can say that i am on a roll now . Project i finished this […]

In the last post i said that there are not so much new articles because i lost my database (or rather my hosting company lost it) and i had to use 2 months old backup. Well it’s true but only part of it. The other part of the story is that i did not published […]

If you ever edited WordPress theme with build in theme editor you probably know how uncomfortable it is. Default theme editor not only do not have syntax highlighting but also (and i think it is even worse) every time you save file textarea scrolls to the top, so when you need to make further changes […]