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Despite SMS technology being almost 20 years old (the first official SMS was sent on December 3rd 1992 in the UK), there is still a huge problem with sending messages from applications. This is usually because there is no unified SMS API or there is no API at all, just SMS gateways. Some time ago […]

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WordPress is known to be extensible. You can turn it into anything you want. What if you are inclined towards music? Yes, you can start a music website or blog. If you are an artist, you can share your creations with whole world easily. In this post, I’ll cover some plugins that allow your visitors to […]

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Finding Your Next Logo Designer Ok, so you’re starting a new company, or maybe just a new project. You’ve got an idea, or you’ve built a product or set up your storefront. Maybe it’s your first business. Maybe it’s your fifty-third business. Doesn’t matter. You need an identity. And with that identity, you need a […]