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WordPress HelpDesk Plugin

If you are looking for WordPress based helpdesk or support ticket software look no more. I introduce WPHelpDesk – first WordPress HelpDesk Plugin done right. What do i mean by done right? Well there are already multiple WordPress plugins that allow to add helpdesk, ticketing system or just customer support system to your site. The plugins come in different shapes (plugins or themes), forms and prices (from free to somewhat expensive), but all of them lack a couple of features that make the support software great:

  • Friendly, personalized customer experience. Usually email that comes from helpdesk software contains some scary, long ID number (that basically means nothing) and also meaningless status fields that only intimidate customers. This is NOT the case in WPHelpDesk. In WPHD tickets exchange for customer looks like normal email exchange, so it is easy for customer to get used to it as he was sending email his entire life (or rather for a last decade).
  • Perfect WordPress integration, just upload, activate the plugin on your site and your done, no customization no nothing. Just activate the plugin configure your inbox and start replying to tickets.
  • Designed for groups, with WPHelpDesk agents always know what to do, which tickets are assigned to them, who is replying to which ticket right now and see whole discussion with the customer.

If i got you a little bit interested feel free to check WPHelpDesk website, i hope you will find it useful in one of your future projects.

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