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How To Backup Your WordPress Blog

While WordPress Security is very important, nothing is fully secure.

If someone wants to hack your blog or website, they will do it sooner or later. And security is not the only issue. You have other things too that can cause problems like server faults, SQL database corruption.

The best way to be secure is to take regular backups.

Here are useful WordPress Plugins that can backup your blog for you:

  1. WP Complete Backup: WP Complete Backup saves all the files as well as WordPress Database on your server. The backups are stored on random locations and you can manually download them when and as needed.
  2. WordPress Backup to Dropbox: Everything is going to cloud these days. Why not send your WordPress backup as well? WordPress Backup to Database plugin saves all your files and SQL database to your DropBox account at given time of day. You can select where to store files and if any files have to be excluded.
  3. WP DB Backup: WP DB Backup takes regular backup of your database. It can take scheduled backups and store them on server or mail them to you.
  4. Backup And Move: Backup and Move plugin is useful if you want to move to a different server. It allows to store the WordPress installation on different server, domain or sub-domain easily.
  5. VaultPress: VaultPress is not a plugin but a service. And it’s not free. But for $15 per month, it will take regular backups of your blog. You can also get support in case there’s a problem from experts.

These are some of the best plugins to help safeguard your blog.

Know any other good ones? Do not forget to comment.

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