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Turn WordPress Into Music Blog: 4 Plugins For Playing Audio

WordPress is known to be extensible. You can turn it into anything you want.

What if you are inclined towards music?

Yes, you can start a music website or blog. If you are an artist, you can share your creations with whole world easily.

In this post, I’ll cover some plugins that allow your visitors to easily listen to audio.

  1. WP Audio Player: WP Audio Player lets your visitors play music file that is assigned to post. Upload media file to WordPress Media Library and then assign the song to the post. Once that is done, use [media-player] shortcode to display music player in the post/page.
  2. Music Affiliate Pro: Music Affiliate Pro will prove useful if you write about music frequently and want to earn while doing it. You can use this plugin to easily insert affiliate links to various music websites like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and eMusic.
  3. oEmbed HTML5 Audio: HTML5 is the future. If you want to play audio using HTML5 player in your posts, use this plugin. The best thing is that it has fallback flash player for browsers that do not support HTML5, so you have got them covered.
  4. MediaElement.js: It is another HTML5 based player that provides fallback through Flash as well as Silverlight. Just upload the file and embed it using

These are some of the best plugins for WordPress that allow you to play audio. Any other suggestions? Do let me know via comments.

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