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WordPress: Where To Complain And Get Help

No matter who you are, a seasoned expert or a newbie, there will be times when you will find need for some help. I’m sure you know everything I’ll discuss if you are an expert or have used WordPress for some time. This post is not for you.

Getting Help

If you need help with WordPress, here are the places to visit:

  1. Google: Most of the things on internet start with the big G and so does our search for help. All you need to do is enter your question and hit Enter! If you are getting a PHP error or something similar, enter that and you will surely find something.
  2. WordPress Support Forums: Official WordPress support forums are a good place to ask for help. If you have problems with WordPress, and not with any theme or plugin, it is possible that your problem may have been solved already.
  3. Other Forums: You can also ask for help on other popular forums like Digital Point and SitePoint. Both have dedicated areas for WordPress.
  4. Plugin/Theme Developers: If you are having a problem with a specific plugin or theme, it is most likely that you will get help from the developers of that particular plugin. Contact them to see if they can help.


If you have a feature request or complaint, you can get your voice heard here:

  1. WordPress Ideas: You can extend WordPress with your ideas too! Yes, literally. The “Extend” section of has plugins, themes and ideas! You can suggest new features here and if community likes them, you may see them in next release(s)!
  2. WordPress Kvetch: Here, you can complain¬†anonymously¬†about any problems you have with WordPress. It won’t be read necessarily. When I visited the page, I had a funny thing waiting for me. The random kvetch read “Matt Mullenwag”!
  3. Developers: Again, if possible, it is best to contact plugin or theme writer.

Any other suggestions? Do let me know via comments.


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