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WordPress Development Tip: Maintain A Quick List Of Plugins

ToolsWhether your job requires you to develop new plugins or set up new blogs and website regularly, this one tip can save you a lot of time.

Why You Should Maintain A Plugin Quick List

  1. Simplifies Installation: There’s this good plugin called Plugin Central by Vladimir Kozlov that can install multiple plugins by name or links. So, instead of installing 10 plugins one by one, you can instead install this plugin and copy paste to quickly install all the plugins. Then configure and go.
  2. Saves Time: Once you find the perfect plugin for a task, it is easy to forget. Who knows when you’ll need it? Better save it in your list. Next time, just check what’s the task and install away.

How To Create Quick List

Simple, just browse the WordPress Plugin Directory for needed plugins and copy the links to a text file or better, Google Docs.

After that, just copy paste when you need to install. WordPress’s automatic upgrades ensure that you do not have to update it ever. Just install the older version and hit update.

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