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Installing WordPress On Your Desktop

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How does it feel when you are making some changes to a plugin or theme and you hit save button.

1 second later, an error pops up that you can not access the page due to network problems.

Sounds familiar?

It happens quite a lot of times.

Did you ever think about installing WordPress locally on your desktop?


What did you just say?

It’s difficult or not possible?

Well, it is!

You can easily install WordPress without need of a server on your desktop.

Why Should I Install On My Desktop?

Here are a few reasons to install WordPress on your desktop:

  1. Easy Troubleshooting: With WordPress installed locally, you do not need multiple softwares to do simple things. For example, editing some code needs a FTP client and what not. If you install WordPress on your desktop, all you need is to open Explorer and edit files straight away.
  2. No Security Risks: Editing things on a web server is not that hard but the problem is that the server is connected to internet! So, if you edit something wrongly, it may leave your server open for hacking! With local installations, there is no such problem.
  3. Offline Access: Not all of us leave in areas with fast and stable internet access. If you are left without internet and want to experiment or try your new code snippet, local WordPress install can be a life saver.

How To Install WordPress On Your Desktop

For Windows, the best option is using EasyPHP. It is a small software that installs WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack on your desktop.

Download EasyPHP.

The best thing about EasyPHP is that you do not have to download WordPress separately. Just download the WordPress module for it which installs like a software and you are good to go.

For Linux and Mac, you can find the links on codex.

What do you think about installing WordPress locally on your desktop? Are you interested in it?

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