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Symfony Reloaded Preview

Recently SensioLabs released Symfony Reloaded (or Symfony 2.0). The first change that every symfony developer will notice is that it’s no longer “symfony”, but “Symfony” (hint capital “S”). Creators claim that “Symfony 2.0 leads a new generation of PHP frameworks”, unfortuantely we will be able to verify it in late 2010 – when the stable version will be ready.

symfony 1.X was always considered to be bloated and slow (mainly because of “Hello World” benchmarks). Symfony developers did not agreed with this statement, however it seems they took it to the hart. If you visit Symfony 2.0, website basically on each page there is a note on high performance. There is also page dedicated to benchmarks where Symfony team compares their product to few mainstream frameworks.

They claim to take inspiration from the best open source frameworks (Django, Ruby on Rails), well no doubt about that, since i already heard this marketing copy “Symfony gets out of your way and lets you enjoy coding again”, but last time first words were “Ruby on Rails” not Symfony.

Other then that new SensioLabs product looks pretty solid so i recommend you to check it out, although it’s not ready for production servers yet. One interesting thing is that Symfony 2.0 will require at very least PHP 5.3.0 installed on the server.

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