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Month: December 2009

jQuery Plugin Tutorial

jQuery is getting really popular lately. Employers looking for JavaScript developers often requires them to know this library inside out, so today i want to show you my practical guide to jQuery plugins development. With the emphasis on best practices in plugin development. Creating plugin is plain simple, but developing a high quality plugin is a different story. Further more it shocks me that there are tons of tutorials online that do not even make distinction between jQuery extension and jQuery Plugin. Continue reading jQuery Plugin Tutorial

Find relevant, free images on Sprixi

I just stumbled upon this great little service that allows you to find images incredibly relevant to your search terms, which are completely free for you to use, by finding images that use a Creative Commons license, or are in the public domain. Looking for images for your latest project? Don’t want to worry about paying up or asking permission from the creator, but don’t mind giving them credit? Look no further.
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Marketing on Twitter: Do’s and Don’ts

A big part of web development is marketing… Getting your work and your ideas out there. A lot of people have chosen to go viral, marketing on social networking services. Twitter, specifically, has grown to be quite a large network for marketers. I’m going to try and help make sure you don’t end up following thousands of random users and getting nothing in return.
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Two new and helpful keyword tools

Keywords help immensely with your search engine optimization (or SEO, for short). They help the engines find your websites and relate them to certain topics, objects, words… Whatever it may be. In short, they help people find your site. Well, Wordstream launched two new, free services yesterday, to handle the keywords for you and help you focus on other parts of your site.
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Productivity 101

Expediting your workflow is every web developer’s goal at some point or another.. Whether it’s on the backburner right now for you or not, I’m here to help you jump-start your process. Finding that one method or application is like the search for the Holy Grail… I’m going to try to dull the pain just a bit.
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