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Month: November 2009

Chrome OS: Worth your time?

The big (and incredibly) obvious question with Chrome OS is if it will be worth your time. YOUR big question at this moment may be why this is on a web development blog… Well, this is a web-centric OS, and uses applications based solely in the cloud.

Now, back to the original question… Yes. Chrome OS looks like it will be worth your time, especially if you have a netbook.
Allow me to elabourate…
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Tumblr vs WordPress: Which is right for you?

A lot of people have trouble deciding what backend to use for their blog, and all the time (alright, occasionally), I have people asking me what to use, and it always boils down to two things: WordPress, and Tumblr. But which one is better?
Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide, but I’m going to help push you in the right direction by providing my view on both systems.
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Create FireFox extension in jQuery

Few days ago Mozilla launched special site where you can find special FireFox addons. Special because they were written in JetPack. It’s a new technology that allows to write FireFox extensions not only in XUL, but in HTML, CSS and AJAX.

What is more important is that JetPack allows to use third party JavaScript libraries in your project, so developers can get full advantage of jQuery, Dojo, Google Maps and many other great JavaScript libraries. Continue reading Create FireFox extension in jQuery

Is Twitter having troubles?

Recently TechCrunch published article about Twitter and it’s decreasing traffic. According to comScore (company that offers solutions for online audience measurement), in October Twitter USA traffic declined by 8%. It dopped from 20.9 millions to 19.2 milions unique visitors.

Fortunately Twitter CEO Evan Williams is aware of this trend and hopes that new cool features that are going (or already were) implemented will reverse this trend. Continue reading Is Twitter having troubles?

Microsoft admits Windows 7 design inspired by Mac OS X; takes it back

Ever since the release of Windows 7, I’ve been pointing out some of the new features (such as the updated toolbar) that are blatantly similar to features in Mac OS X (the dock, in this case), but I never expected this.

In an interview the other day, Simon Aldous (Partner Group Manager, Microsoft) admitted that Windows 7 was built to somewhat feel like the Mac operating system.
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Google buys Admob for $750 milions

Analytics says that mobile advertising market will be worth over three bilions of dollars in 2013, yet Google went ahead and already bought Admob mobile advertising and monetization solution for a shocking amount of $750 000 000.

Admob is typical marketplace where advertisers contact publishers and buy adverts directly from them. Admob platform has some nice features like mobile analytics and mobile metrics (which is pretty much the same functionality as in other advertising platforms but with “mobile” prefix). Continue reading Google buys Admob for $750 milions

Five invaluable web tools for any designer

Sometimes, a designer is left stranded on a computer that lacks their normal tools of the trade, and when they get the itch to design something… Well, oftentimes, they’re out of luck.

But, there are some web tools that can be awesome temporary replacements for all your beloved applications. Sometimes you’ll have to give up some favourite features, but in the end… Well, be happy with what you get. Continue reading Five invaluable web tools for any designer