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WordPress Job Board Plugin

I haven’t posted on my blog for about 2 months now but it is all because i was busy working on few projects, actually since beginning of the year i completed 4 projects already, that’s about one a month so i can say that i am on a roll now :). Project i finished this time is version 2.0 of a job board that i am running here (although not much success promoting it – only 2 job offers till beginning, but again there is not much traffic either).

What is a WordPress Job Board Plugin?
Sidenote for all those that lived in the cave for the last year or so. Job board plugin (at least mine) is an application that is both fully integrated with WordPress in terms of managing Admin Panel widgets and theme, but at the same time it runs in a subdirectory as a job board where people can post, view and apply for jobs.

About my WordPress Job Board
That aside, i wanted to have the same functionality (or better) then the big guys in “job board industry” i mean SmashingMagazine or ProBlogger to name just a few. So i decided to update whole script. For the most part i actually had to rewrite it from the scratch, but i think it was worth it. I added some nice functionality like:

  • Configurable promo codes, one can select type (percent of price or fixed amout) and value of the discount
  • Different types of listings featured, paid, free that can be listed for the different time
  • Full PayPal integration – job board can work on auto pilot now
  • Admin Panel blended into WordPress theme, for me it looks like a part of WordPress now but that’s just my opinion
  • Categories support
  • I even went as far as making my own template system, pretty much the same as wordpress is using, so it will be easy for theme developers to integrate this plugin with any other theme
  • It’s activated like any other WP plugin – with just ONE click

As for important features i think that’s all, but while i was writing the code i had some new ideas along the way, because of lack of time i decided not to implement them yet but rather i set a milestones for myself, so new features will be added shortly, as well as some bugs will be fixed. Well i guess it’s like Joel Spolsky said good software takes 10 years to write.

The funny thing is that despite i have this software for like over 6 months already i still didn’t thought of a name for it, so if you have some suggestions then please post them in the comments, that will be very appreciated :).

One last note because version 1.0 became outdated and is not in use any more i decided to give it away to the public completely for free for whatever use one thing i ask for in a return is a link back to my site in a footer or not, well anyway use it as you want,.

Change of plans guys, a lot of people contacted me to get a copy of my Job Board which is nice but a lot of you want version 2.0 not 1.0 which i offered for free. More over when i was making a package i found out that v1.0 lacks few files which i probably deleted so, now version 1.0 is officially dead.

The only working stable version is 2.0 which i will NOT give away for free. I was planning to release it to the public later but because of your interest i decided to do it now. Version 2.0 is for sale only. Cost of the script is $97. Now to BUY a copy or get more information contact me contact form.

Not anymore. I launched official WP Job Board plugin, so from now on all transactions are processed automatically at WordPress Job Board Plugin website. I hope you will find this information as a nice surprise 🙂 .

Aside of transaction processing official site has a frontend and backend (admin) demo. Visit WP Job Board demo site if you are interested as my PHP Jobs job board is not much of a demo, as there are few if any jobs and no admin panel access.

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