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Month: May 2008

How to ruin your website

Very funny and interesting thread as well on digital point forums. “How to ruin a web site”, users has tons of ideas, most of them are … well let’s call it silly, however it is a enterteining thread and shouldn’t be treated as source of knowledge, however i would like to share with you some common ways to ruin your website, tha are not so obvious, but still people destroy thier websites and have no idea that they did.
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PHP namespaces

Recently while reading some other web development blog, i have found info about PHP namespaces, for those who do not know what is a namespace here is a short explanation: Basically every language is a namespace, and it doesn’t matter whatever it is a programming language, formal language of forign language. When it comes to programming languages, some of them has got a set of namespaces and importing or including one of them allows to use a set of new classes and objects.

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