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Tutorial – Create PageRank 5 blog ultra fast.

I know that you are probably busy with your life and do not have time to read many books so I wanted to make this report short and straight to the point, by looking on the length of it, I think that I accomplished my goal.

Before we get to the nuts and bolts of creating high PageRank blog, I want you keep in mind that this is not instruction about how to make money, in fact I doubt you will make any money, following only my instructions.

This short report is about creating from a scratch, blog with high PageRank, by simply posting to it on daily basis. But you don’t know what to write about, or do not want to write at all?
That’s great! This report is perfect for you.

Here is a short list of things you do NOT need to know or do, to be successful with this report:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link development
  • Buying links
  • Exchanging links
  • Submit links to directories
  • Write articles

If I am guessing right and you already own successful website, then this are the only things you were constantly doing to get a better position in search engines.

Selecting your topic

Obviously if you want to start a blog, you need to select a topic for it, you can’t write about jus anything, although it is possible but we want to keep our blog in certain category.

The best way to select great topic is to go with what interests you. But we will concentrate mainly on semi automatic blogging so the topic is not that important you do not need to be passionate about it.

If you already have a website and want to link to it from your high page rank blog (which you will soon have if you will follow my instructions) then it will be good if your blog will be somewhat related to your website, obviously tou want to have relevant links not the other way around.

2. Setting up a blog

Where to set up your blog and why?

For my method you will need to signup for free blog at and remember this is the only place where you can make my method work!

If you do not have account at then get one now.

In order to register you need to select username and give them valid email. That’s it!

Why we are going to use instead of buying domain and hosting? Well actually there is only one reason, they will give us completely free, unlimited number of high PageRank links (up to PR8), is this good enough reason for you?

More over you will be able to choose pages where your links will be placed.

I suppose you know how to use wordpress blog if not then take your time and learn how to configure it how to add post, how to edit comments and so on, when you will be ready (it shouldn’t take you more then one hour to become comfortable using wordpress), then you can continue reading further.

Selecting the best categories

This is very important step, if you choose wrong then you will get ZERO high PageRank links.

Fortunately, despite this step is important it is also very easy.

Before we select the best categories I will answer question which occupies constantly your mind, “where would those high PR links come from?”. have got something like tag cloud, call it what you want but what interest us most is: Whenever you post on your blog, short information about your post, with two links to your blog is automatically placed at tag cloud.

To which tag will your post will be assigned depends from, under which category was this post assigned. If you selected category: “MyBlog”, then link to your post will appear at

if you choose soccer then your link will be placed at:

and so on.

One more thing you need to keep in mind is, if you are going to use category which consists of 2 words and you are going to use space between these words, for example, you create category: “My blog” then you will find your links at:

Also remember that your links are not permanent, when some blogger posts at his blog in the same category as you then his post is at the top and your is second. When twenty people post in this category then your link is moved to next page, of course another page has got lower PR and is not so important for us.

If you want to get to first page again then guess what you need to do? Yes it is that simple you have to add another post to your blog in this category.

Depending on category you will need to update your blog from once daily up to once a week in order to keep your link on high PR page.

Enough said.

Now it is time to select categories which will be perfect for you.

Let’s pretend you want to create webmaster related blog. So the best categories will be obviously related to it, for example:

These are just examples I am confident if you wanted to you could easily come up with 50 more ideas related to your blog.

Even if you would have some difficulties with coming up with good categories then, you can just go to one category and on the right menu you will see list of categories related to the one you are now in.

Ok, so which categories you want to use?

With high PageRank that’s for sure, but be careful. The higher the PR of category the bigger concurrency you can expect, which means you will need to post more often.

There is also tempting idea of posting a single post to many categories, but I do not recommend, in fact I would call this spamming.

I think it is good to post one blog in to only one category, especially if you are going to use my method.
So again, which category to choose?

When you go to one of tag pages (for example ) and take a closer look at posts, then you will find that there is information how long ago they were added.

By examining the last entry you can estimate how often you need to post just to stay constantly at first page.

I have found out that if you will find tag page with PR6 which will require you to post once a week it is great category to post to.

If you are aiming for PR7 and higher then you will have to keep your blog updated daily or even twice daily.

On the other hand if you will be satisfied with PR5 or PR4 you can easily find categories where you can post only once a month.

My advice is: do not use only very high PR make a combination of categories so you will get a set of links with wide variety of PageRank from 3 to 6, unless the only thing you are interested is PR7 or more.

This is all you need to know, now you can create your own blog and select the best categories for you.

3. Semi automatic blogging

Instant quality content in seconds

If you are going to create blog on topic you have not much experience with, you can easily find your self in situation where you have nothing to write about, or even worse you would rather floss your cat instead of even reading about this particular topic.

This is where instant quality content technique kicks in.

In fact there are two techniques, and of course I will talk about both of them.

The first one which I used successfully was posting strategy, which was already in use by very well known blogger and owner of (although he didn’t used it on his main blog but on other niche blog which he was also owner of).

I call it: The breaking news strategy.

Here is how it is done.

First of all you need to bookmark three sites, so you will never run out of fresh stream of news which you can use on your blog, after small modification of course.

These sites are:

Simply go there and search for news related to your website, I just search for phrases which are my blog categories as well this approach has actually never failed me and I always had found enough news for my site.

I almost always look for long news, if I found one that is long and interesting, then I copy news title, copy up to one third of the news body and paste as a news on my blog.

Then at then end of post I write:



Read more here:

This way I am just referring to something I found interesting. If you think this is stealing content then think again and look at big portals they have similar news, they copy them from other websites and do not even give a clickable URL. Although they have a lot of unique content as well but that do not change a thing.

However if you have problem with you can also write at the beginning of the post.

“Mike at have interesting post on …”

Or something similar, I think you get the point.

The other strategy which I want to show you is, free articles strategy. This one is even simpler then the first one. All you need to do is go to one of article directories and select articles which will be relevant to your blog or categories in which they will be placed.

These articles are free to use as long as you do not edit them and most importantly do not remove author footer.

Most of the time you can use as much articles on single blog or website as you like but there may be some differences depending on article directory so I suggest checking terms of service, before using them.

If you never heard about articles directory, here is a short list to get you started:

  • you may use only 3 articles yearly, unless their terms changed, although it is he biggest articles database
  • very large directory of articles, a lot of categories and new articles are added almost every minute
  • not often updated, but I like to use it because of this directory structure which allows me to rank higher in search engines on some keywords then this directory, despite I am using duplicate content
  • quite big article directory with a lot of text to choose from

Now as you picked up article that suits you, just need to paste in to your post, and you are ready to go.

There is also another way of getting free content to your website. You can use RSS feeds but this is a bit tricky. Because despite you can use feeds for free however you want, you must keep in mind that feeds are nothing more then list of links.

Such content may be easy to get, but not very useful, on the other hand if you still want to use it remember to disallow search engines to follow these links.

If you don’t do it then your PageRank power will be divided to all those websites you are linking to and these would be counter productive to what we want to achieve.

These are of course techniques for getting content quickly which I used successfully, but, you are obviously not limited to them.

Currently it is very popular to create blog about funny videos or funny images, you just have to link them from YouTube and write one sentence to make your comment on it.

You can also write your own posts. About your daily life or whatever, you will have unique content, so you will probably get more visitors then using my strategy, but the bottom line is: do not allow you to have any kind of adds on your blog, unless you make some kind of deal with them. So getting tons of traffic to this blog is actually pointless, that is if you are interested only in making money.

Even redirecting your blog visitors to other websites is not acceptable. have got many restrictions, so I want to make next chapter about so your blog want get blown out by wordpress team. It would be a pity to loose your blog just when you got PR6 or more, so take look at the later chapter.

4. Turning your blog into gold

Flying under the radar

Face it, when your on top, then everyone is out to get you, and this statement is still valid when it comes to my method of creating high PageRank blog.

So I have set of tools and tactics to fly under the technical team radar.

But first of all go and read terms of service. I know that it is not very interesting but you will know the rules.

This so important, do you know why only lawyers know how to break the law without any consequences? Because they know what law is. They know the rules.

Now go to and read them, there is no excuse for not reading it.

And as I promised here is my set of tools to prevent blog suspension:

  • Do not add your single post to many categories, one or two is just enough, I know I talked about it earlier but this one is really important and if you want to be under the radar, then do not show everyone around that you are doing something strange, keep your blog normal
  • Do not sell links on your blog, or if you are going to do it anyway then do not link directly from auction or forum, it is so easy for workers to spot such activity, when there is traffic coming to your blog from eBay. If you have to sell links then at least use redirection.
  • Do not promote your other website or websites in every post, they will delete your blog within a blink of an eye
  • THINK, when your in doubt think to yourself: would an average blogger do that?
  • Be careful with sponsored posts you can be caught as easily as with selling links, also be aware of that, it is people who can report your profitable activity to wordpress

If you will stick to this rules then nothing bad will happen to you.

Monetizing your blog

It is a thought one, because the idea behind blogs is to make them more like journals then websites and by definition journal is not something that should make you money.

So I will give you some ideas on how to make most of your blog.

But first, you need to realize something, even if you will strictly follow my method there is no guarantee that you will get high PageRank on next PageRank update. If we would knew what is the equation, how PR is calculated then it would be possible, but we don’t know it.

So, to set odds in our favor, I advice you to create three or four blogs, and link from them to your main website, (the only safe way to link to your website is by using blogroll not the other way around) this great for SEO.

Not only you will get many PR back links, but also you will get normal back links, from every indexed page by Google, and trust, Google will index all your pages in no time.

When it comes to blogs hosted at I never saw archive pages, or single post pages with PageRank higher then 1.

However, there is no problem to get PageRank of four or five, for your static pages, so remember to use them often, you do not even need to update them.
I promised ideas on how to monetize your blog, so here they are.

  • Reviewing blogs for a cash, this is quite popular concept, and from what I have saw bloggers at write explicitly on their weblogs that they will review your blog for 200$. So I guess this is not against terms of service, but it is better if you check it by yourself.
  • Linking to your other pages not hosted at, this will give you’re a little boost, and maybe you will be able to sell some links.
  • Do 3 way links exchange

Drastically decreasing number of outgoing links

You will want to minimize number of forced outgoing links, to give more power to pages you will want to link to.

The only forced outgoing links that will put on your blog are links to categories.

Note that if you assign a post to category, then when you will go to your blog and click on category then you will not go to:

but you will be redirected to:

Unfortunately Google will see it as outgoing link and this will affect strength of your other links.

There are two tactics to handle this situation:

  • Decrease number of posts on your main page, you can change it in “options” section at your blog admin panel. The default is 10, it is not so bad, but I think the optimal number of posts is 5, if you keep them long enough.
  • Add every post to ONLY ONE category, when you add your post to one category, you get only one high PR back link, but also adds only one outgoing link to your blog. If you place your link in 10 categories, then guess what will happen? Yeah, wordpress will add instantly 10 outgoing links to your main page.

I guess this all you need to know to create your very own blog or set of blogs with high PageRank.

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