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Month: July 2007

Your very first AJAX web application

Let me explain why i selected such title. When writing AJAX scripts there is a part of code that always have to be included, it is pretty much like DOCTYPE in html, you do not have to understand it, just copy and paste, more over our code will be a function which takes no parameters and only returns one as XMLHttpRequest. If you do not know what this object is suggest you reading my introduction to AJAX web development. Continue reading Your very first AJAX web application

Optimizing PHP scripts

This post is mainly for new programmers and web developers, but advanced programmers also can make use of it. While browsing forums i often see programmers asking questions about their scripts why doesn’t they work mainly, don’t get me wrong i have nothing against asking questions, but i noticed something else what concerned me, most of newbies do not optimize their scripts, as long as they do not have much visits on their websites it is ok, they can get away with it.

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Security and SPAM: CMS vs. custom software

People in web development industry often say: use of free open source content management systems is responsible for all spammy sites which has got no value for real user, so if there would be no content management systems then we would have only quality sites on the web, because in order to create a site you will need to invest money first and investing money is a sign that you are serious about that.

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Creating watermarks with PHP and GD Library

The last post i wrote was about getting started with GD library, today i want to show you practical use of this wonderful library. I want to protect all images on my server, so i need to create watermarks for all my images, but let’s pretend i want to sell this images at the same time so there cannot be any watermarks on it. There are two solutions to this problem: create images with and without watermarks or use GD library and create watermarks on the fly. Obviously we will take advantage of the second method because it is more professional and requires less work in the end.

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Zend Framework 1.0 finally relased

On 2nd of July stable Zend framework was released. We have been waiting for a very long for that to happen, mainly because Zend is the biggest company involved in PHP development and their every product is something that can really improve programmers work, however most of them are commercial, you need to spend some cash to get them, but Zend Framework is free for all and it is available for download at

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What is Ajax?

Ajax is quite new web development technology, it became quickly very popular, but still a lot of people do not know what it is and how to make a use of it. In this short article i want to present you my views on it, especially when to use Ajax, because often people use this powerful technology in wrong way which may hurt your SERP rankings.

Are you one of this people? Read on to find out.

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